Monday, December 31, 2007

Sales and silver

I was very gratified in the lead-up to Christmas at all the sales both on and off etsy. I had one pair of earrings -- completely hand crafted sterling -- sell as soon as I listed them in my shop. They were so much fun to make, and I love working with heavier gauges of sterling silver wire, which I order from Rio Grande. I love the shape, and the texture both.

I also struck up a warm relationship with another buyer, who was interested in my Garnet Flower pendant, which she wanted to buy for a friend's January birthday. Although one might think that internet selling is a very cold and impersonal matter, my friendship with Elizabeth certainly proves otherwise! Below at left is a photo of the pendant she bought:

She brought up one point that is, however, the bane of internet selling, and that is taking photos that do justice. I have been selling online now for nearly a year and a half, and my photos have improved immensely. Yet almost everyone who sees my jewelry says that they are so much more beautiful in person. Of course, nothing beats being able to see and touch a piece of jewelry to get a good sense of it, but I will continue to explore ways in which to give a better sense of the piece to potential customers.

One photo which, I think, does justice to my jewelry is this one:
Labradorite can be very difficult to photograph, as the beautiful blue and green and yellow flashes of light aren't always visible, and then one is left with a rather dirty-looking grey stone. The photo clearly worked, as these earrings sold a day later to a new customer in the Netherlands.

I also had success, in making, photographing, and then selling two pairs of earrings which I called Winter Branches. Since they were completely hand crafted from sterling wire, each pair has its own unique characteristics, although both are inspired by the same piece of fabric:

In the new year, I am going to continue to explore silversmithing, as there is something so gratifying about making all the silver components by hand. Who knows: if enough people buy the silver, I can then turn my attention to gold as well! Happy New Year everyone!