Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Craftsman Earrings

I have always loved the craftsman style. My dream would be to find a craftsman bungalow, and be able to restore it to its original glory. I love how the craftsmen of that time took simple elements -- wood, copper, glass -- and turned them into works of art without artifice.

These sterling teardrop earrings are my homage to that wonderful era. For one thing, they were entirely and lovingly made by hand. I took simple 16 gauge sterling silver wire and formed two equal teardrop shapes, which I then soldered and further shaped into an even more graceful shape. I hammered the base to give it a weight that contrasts with the more delicate wire above. I then hammered a texture into that base to heighten the contrast further. The finishing touch was a brief oxidizing bath, and a final polish which gives them a rich, antique gleam. Handmade sterling silver ear wires finish off these lovely, simple, and graceful earrings.


High Desert Diva said...

These are wonderful....I think you've captured "Craftsman" style

Allison said...

Very wonderful design :]

Cindy said...

Hey Mary,

I love your web sit! Very well thought out and put together.

Sorry you could not make it to my home this weekend for the demo. Lets do try to get together, Id love to see your photo album.

Cindy B